Selecting an Agent to handle your Short Sale
When you are ready to select a real estate agent to handle the sale of your property, you will want to find an agent that meets the following criteria:

An Agent you believe you can trust.
It helps if you have experience with the agent or if the agent was referred to you by someone you trust. Look for an agent with whom you feel comfortable. Short Sales are not always easy; you want someone you can talk to.

An Agent who listens.

Your agent will need to gain a real understanding of your situation, and to do that they will have to listen. The agent will also need to listen to your lender to determine the best way to get your Short Sale approved. Active listening is a critically important component to a successful short sale.
An Agent with patience.

Sometimes Short Sales move quickly, and sometimes Short Sales move more slowly.
It will take an agent with patience and a steady hand to get Short Sales approved.

An Agent with experince in handling Short Sales.

Short Sale transactions involve issues that don’t come up in traditional real estate transactions, and you want an agent that gives you the best chance possible of getting your Short Sale approved on terms as favorable as possible.
Working with your Agent

Working with an agent on a Short Sale brings into play issues that don’t always come up in a traditional real estate transaction. Your agent will ask for help in areas that might seem unusual – even for those that have gone through several real estate transactions previously. In our experience, here are some things to keep in mind.

Short Sales take time.

Getting a Short Sale sold, approved and closed will have your agent working hard to keep everyone on the same page and to keep the deal together.
If it’s clear your agent is working diligently on your behalf, don’t be too rough on him/her if things don’t happen as quickly as you would like. Lenders simply don’t go very fast sometimes.

Your Lender Will Want Documents.

Your agent will ask you to put some documents together so they can be presented to the lender. The lender needs to see evidence of a true financial hardship. For a list of the documents most lenders require, Click here.

Pricing the Property.

Your agent will outline a pricing strategy designed to demonstrate to the lender that a real effort was made to maximize the lender’s recovery of capital. In many cases this will mean starting the pricing at a level above that at which the property will sell quickly.

Responding to an Offer.

I want to send the lender an offer that is at a price that is at, or very close to, fair market value. It’s usually best not to send an offer to the lender that is written at a price well below fair market value. If the offer is below fair market value it is usually best to counter the offer, or reject it.
One Offer is Best.

It is usually best to send only one offer to the lender. I want a buyer that is committed, and if the buyer does not get a commitment from you, the buyer may be out looking for a property on which they can get a commitment that frees them to attach themselves emotionally to the property.

Finally, As The Seller You have Rights.

And that means you can change your mind. If your plans change, for any reason, you should consider having as part of your agreement with your agent the right to cancel the listing contract.
It is possible that during the time the Short Sale is being negotiated your lender could change their policy on Loan Modifications, making you a candidate. Your agent should be willing to allow you to cancel the listing agreement if your plans or circumstances change.

How Can Farima Help You?

Protecting your credit from further degradation.
Presenting a solution to the lender and negotiationg favorable terms.
Helping to minimize your debt obligations.
Allowing the borrower and her/his family to get
A Fresh Start.
Expediting the process with a fast resolution.

Why should I Work with Farima?? 

1- I will perform an evaluation to determine if conditions exist for a short sale, loan  modification, forbearance or other acceptable workout solution.

I prepare a comprehensive short sale package containing the required documents to be delivered to the lender.

3- I aggressively market the property to generate the best possible purchase offers.

4- I negotiate the terms of the short sale with the lender. These terms may include the sale price, closing costs and more.

5- When the lender approves the terms and conditions of  the short sale, I move forward with the closing of the sale between the owner and new buyer.

6- I aggressively market the property to generate the best possible purchase offers.

To learn more about me, click here.

My short sale services are TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE. 

My Short sale Knowledge may help you prevent the downgrading of your credit scores while providing you A FRESH START.

My success is based on integrity and delivering on my client needs.