Short Sale Seller Documents:

1 - Copy of Most Recent Mortgage Statement(s)
2 - Two (2) Years Tax Retruns- Most Recent
3 - Two (2) Months Pay Stubs- Most Recent
4 -
Two (2) Bank Statements for All Banks Accounts and Brokerage 
      Accounts EXCEPT Information on Retirement Accounts- Most Recent
5 -
Hardship Letter, A Hardship is a Life Changing Situation that Affects the 
     Borrower Dramatically and Results in an inability to Pay the Mortgage Debt.

     Some examples of Hardship:
     Separation or Divorce, Medical Bills, Inability to Work due to Health Reasons
     or Illness, Death of a Spouse, Job Relocation, Reduced Income or Unemploy-
     ment, Business Failure, too much Debt, Payment Increse, Damage to Property, ...
     Sample Seller's Hardship Letter

6 -
Signed Letter of Autorization to your Real Estate Broker, Authorizin the
     Lender to speak with her/him
7 - List the Property for Sale
8 - Cooperate with Access, Showings, Offers and Realtor
9 - Vacate the Home at the Close of Escrow
10- Be Responsible to Maintain the Home in "Show" Condition
11- Cooperate with Bank and Bank Negotiators, Provide All Requested Documents